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Indian Cool Guy Pictures, Images, Wallpapers

Rahul Dravid - cool cricket player from India
Another cool boys pics from India that you can use as Facebook profile pics or any other places :-

Some random cool pics in different hair styles of Indian boys

Indian Cool guy pic in back hair style collected from Facebook profile pic.

Tips for Finding A Responsive Website Design

A website is a collaborated collection of World Wide Web (WWW) files which starts off with a homepage. The pied pipers of any responsive website are the web designers, who use an array of tools according to the need to compose an ideal website. It is important for a web designer to consider what part of the production is important and the set of instructions required to create the perfect web design are compatible or not. The means of building sites keep becoming more and more efficient day by day, however, the basic software principles remains the same. It is entirely up to web designers that how they use the old techniques to make it more accessible and more time accomplished for building responsive websites.

 The web formatted imagery and design prototypes are made by graphic designers by using vectors and raster graphic packages. There is a standard markup set allotted for creation of a responsive website. Standards or software used for the formulation of a responsive website ar…

Successful Strategies for an Online Advertising Agency

As we  see many banner ads, display ads and "call to actions" at the time of searching on the internet. Advertisers like to use them for increasing traffic and selling and marketing their products over the internet. Keeping pace with the popularity of digital marketing, many businesses and individuals have been showing their increasing interest in using it for their marketing purposes. To help them best, many online advertising agencies have appeared to the scene. These advertising agencies work closely with their clients. They talk to their clients, know their products and objectives and study the market to make the advertising campaign successful. Successful advertising agencies follow the best strategies to help their clients fulfill their business objectives in the hyper-competitive marketplace.
Given below are the successful strategies followed by a professional online advertising agency:

Accentuates Personal Relationships with Clients :

A reputable online …

Surprise Your Dear One by Ordering Birthday Cakes Online

Trolley358 - A New Online Grocery Store in Delhi

What is a grocery store?
A grocery store is also known as a "Kiryana -Shop/Store". Where we can find all items of our daily need., even it may be personal care items like :- Beauty Creams for women, Shaving cream for men, Suns cream, Shampoo, or it may be any food items like :- vegetables, grains, or even sweets, Branded food items, Dairy and Egg  products like:- Milk, egg items etc. But usually at local grocery stores in Delhi, we can find all grocery items due to out of stock or any other reasons. We can buy daily uses items from local shops in our street also but their prices are not fixed, so there is a fear of wastage of money, and quality of products, so this is the main reason to go to the big grocery stores.

Now a days, In metro cities, Gurgaon, Fridabad and as well whole NCR, Trolley358 provides online shopping services with quick home delivery.  You can get free home delivery according to seller's condition on purchase, For example you  purchase more then Rs.5…

Fraud universities in Delhi 2015

UGC Declared a list of fake universities in Delh. These are followings-

Indian Institution of Science and Engineering, Varanaseya Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya. agatpuri, Delhi (It is also in Varanashi, UP)United Nations UniversityADR-Centric Juridical University,  Gopala Tower, Rajendra Place. Vocational University,Commercial University Ltd, Daryaganj So, I appeal all of you, before getting admission in any institutes, collect all the information about it. Share this fake universities list among your friends and save them to become the hunt of any fraud.

Top Best Schools in Dwarka

The best thing in Dwarka is it's coolness. It's impossible to find calm area in today's congested Delhi.
But the main problem of this area is Water. But hope new Kejriwal's Government is going to take some serious steps regarding it. Now in this post I want to publish schools in Dwarka area:-

    Nirmal Bhartia School (NBS) located at sector 14.    Vandana International School, Sec-10, Dwarka,     Venkateshwara Sr. Sec. School located at sector 10.    Mount Carmel Sr. Sec. School.     BGS International School    Delhi Public School (DPS)     DAV Public School    Delhi Public School (DPS)     Shiksha Bharti (Sec-7, near Ramphal Chowk)       Presidium, Sec-16 B, Phase - 2,     Queen's Valley School, Sec-8, Dwarka,      St. Thomas' School, Goyala(Dwarka)      R.D. Rajpal Public School, Sec-9, Dwarka      Queen's Valley School, Sec-8, Dwarka,      Max ford/fort international school.

Apni Delhi : World Cup 2015 - 26 March 2015..World Cup Semifinal Between Australia and India

Hi Friends,
                       As we know that today, Australian players played very well and gave the target to Indian Team - 329 Runs.
A Finch made 81 runs on 116 Balls.
D Warner made 12 runs on 7 Balls.
S Smiths made 105 runs on 93 Balls.
M Johnson made 27 runs on 9 Balls.

India Need 329 runs to win. Indian team openers:
Rohit Sharma and Sikhar Dhawan.

Next Post
Sikhar dhawan and Ajinkya Rhane and Mahender Singh Dhoni played very well but remaining Indian team didn't play a good game, So India lost the match and out of the tournament now.
Finally Australia won the match.

This is a Real Hindustani Muslman

We Salute to this man, I can only have the picture of him, I don't know the real name and address of this man. According to its dress it is a Muslim, no doubt, Even pray for our country, It is the slap on the face anti-nation people in our country.
This Gentle Man will provide free service a whole day on his own money to visitors if our country win the world cup 2015. There are many other Muslim people in Our country who are loyal to our country but due to some parricide , we have to blame whole Muslim community. I again salute this man. Great work.. Keep it up Bro...

Today's Match - Cricket World Cup Semifinal 2015 - New Zealand Beats South Africa

Today's match was very interesting, because both team are very strong. Even we can say South Africa players played very well but it was bad day for them, because New Zealand team won at the last moment of the match. No we are waiting for next semifinal between India and Australia, Indian team is current world cup champion team while Australian team is ex- world champion. New Zealand team had the advantage of home ground in this match so it's a favor factor also for New Zealand players.

Happy Febuary to Delhi People

Hi Friends,Now it's the starting of February month . The weather become wonderful and there is no enough fear about cold. Now we can feel some warm day due to the God Sun. Let's talk about the politics. Now BJP brought some twist in the election by declaring Kiran Bedi as CM candidate for their party in Delhi Elections in opposition of Arvind Kejriwal from AAP. Some time ago Kiran Bedi and Arvind both were solders from Anna army. So both are known as Anna's Children. There are some jokes about both because both are strong candidate of Delhi CM's sheet.
It is in Hindi:- Soniya's Children got upset due to see that Anna's children are going to set.

Both are good personality but the one problem to Kiran Bedi is that she also criticized BJP along with congress druing Anna's Campaign and now she is with BJP.
Kejriwal's way is not so easy due to he left CM sheet after making government last time.
But, generally both have good reasons because now due to Modi J…

Be Healthy, Avoid Cold Disease

Hi Friends,

  January is ongoing, as we know that it is more harder winter month because, in December just think before taking a bath but now we have to think before going a hand wash. Now a days, mostly people  catch up by cold and viral.  There is only one thing that is most beneficial in the winter, and that is

Daily Exercise:-
Go for walk and exercise it will be good if you can do both time morning and as well as in evening.
Because you feel warmth from exercise and as well can take a good sleep.

Use Boil Water:- Avoid cold water in these days, Always use boiled water for drinking and other use.

Wash Your Hand Regularly.

Be happy:- Makes your environment romantic, play with pet and do other thing that can make you feel happy.

Cough Syrup:- It should be necessary in these days at home, if one family member have cough then it may be cause of other members, every doctor suggest you a cough syrup,

Consult A Doctor:-  We never think that cold flue is a minor disease, it can be create …

Cricket World Cup 2015

Hello friends,
                            Today's post is about Cricket World Cup 2015.There are 14 teams in this world cup. It will start on 14 February 2014, with first match between New Zeland and Sri Lanka at Hagley Oval, Christchurch. And same day the 2nd Match between Australia and England. The 3rd match will be between South Africa and Zimbabwe on 15th February. The 4th Match will be between India and Pakistan. The quarter finals starts from 18 March at Sydney Cricket Ground.

Happy Makar Sakranti

Hi friends, Yesterday Was a big festival in North India- Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, People serve peanuts, largess, to friends and relative on this festival. Today is the Makar Sakratnti. It's also an Hindu festival,  peoplegatheringwoodandthefireburn. There are many stories behind both festival Lohri and Makar Sakranti.

Winters in Apni Delhi- 2014- 2015

Hi Friends,
I hope everyone is now enjoy the this pleasant weather of winter. There are many good festival during winter like Christmas and New Years as well as Lohri and Makar Sakratnti. Specially there is most big advantage of winter is that:-  It saves from heat, :-) . There are many other advantages also like for children :- it's the time of holidays.

For lovers you can talk to your lover within blanket via cell phone and your parents will think that you are sleeping. Festival of lovers Valentines Day also comes in winters. These are generally thing now we can come to our Delhi's winters:- There are a song about the winter named "Dilli Ki Sardi".
In winter Delhi becomes like Dehradun. In winter, sometimes the God Sun comes late or on leave or on half-day.